No Ceiling: A Woman's Inspirational Journey to the Top of the World

Front Cover
Five Mile Press, 2009 - Extreme sports - 290 pages
'It's so much easier to say, "I can't" and believe it, than to ask, "How can I?" and follow through. But for a dream to become reality, there just can't be "I can't" (so get on your feet and climb the mountain).' Heather Swan's Diary, May 2006. Heather Swan is a world record holding wingsuit pilot. But not long ago she was an ordinary working mum, with barely an adventurous thought in her head. Then her life changed. In 2006, she stood at the top of a Himalayan mountain almost seven kilometres in the air, and jumped off. What had led her to this? As a child Heather had dreamed of flying like a bird, but then life got in the way. She married, had kids, found a corporate job and became a single mother. Then, in her mid-thirties, she met Dr Glenn Singleman, a BASEjumping champion. He persuaded her that anyone could do what he did - it was just a matter of conquering fear by mastering the mind. Heather was to become his living proof. It wasn't easy. Her problems began immediately when she discovered that she was terrified of skydiving. Then she was nearly killed in a training accident. She came to firmly believe she would never make it. No Ceiling tells the inspirational story of how Heather crashed through her real and imagined barriers to become a fit and powerful athlete at the absolute apex of her sport.

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